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Holy Bagel Jerusalem

Holy-Bagel Cafe Jerusalem has several years of experience in delivering catering services for any occasion or event: at office, home or outside in the park. We ensure that all products are fresh and of the highest quality. Each plate that me make is done with proper care and in the most aesthetic way.

Our plates come ready to be served.
All that you need to do is just to remove the nylon cover!

You can order plates for any kind of event, whether it’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Circumcision, Engagement party and memorials. In addition, you can also order plates which are Kosher Parve, that are suitable for Sabbath or Kiddush.

We also offer food services and refreshments for meetings at hundreds of companies.
At holidays, you can order special plates for office parties and events.

Holy Bagel – Dairy catering services & coffee shop

We at Holy Bagel provide a unique culinary experience at the highest level. We offer a large variety of bagels: Plain, whole wheat, cinnamon and raisins, onions, sesame, mixed, salt and more.

At the restaurant, we serve rich breakfasts, offer a salads bar, a wide range of sandwiches, cheeses and salads, smoked fish and various desserts. The coffee shop is beautiful and offers a special atmosphere. We also offer a rich dairy “Kosher Lemehadrin” catering for various events such as:
Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Engagement parties, business and private events and more.

Our Cold Plates Kosher Lemehadrin include: vegetables, hard / soft cheeses, smoked fish and more.
– Our Hot Plates Kosher Lemehadrin include: ravioli, pies, blintzes, lasagna, antipasti and more.
– Our Desserts Plates Kosher Lemehadrin include: cakes, petit fours, fruit and more.
– Our plates are arranged in a decorative and impressive way.


A special family atmosphere and personal attention to every customer
@ Holy Bagel Jerusalem 🙂

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